Calvin Sprague

Combining a strong creative culture with a meticulous graphic discipline, Calvin Sprague is a determined and talented artist. Every image in his portfolio is perfectly structured and balanced. Each work is a masterpiece of harmony, with carefully considered curves and elegantly chosen colors. As an American living in the Netherlands, he developed a bold graphic style inspired by Milton Glaser and Saul Bass. These influences have led him to develop a unique style, a delightful blend of Bauhaus, pop psychedelism, and colorful constructivism.

Publications and awards

The New York Times, Wired, Harvard Business Review, Huffpost, Times Brand Studio, Le Monde, Barrons, Fast Company, Communication Arts, The Atlantic, ADC Awards.


Apple, IBM, Disney, Target, Citrix, Colgate-Palmolive, Warby Parker, Harry's, Salesforce, Standford University.

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