David Vanadia

David Vanadia is an artist and illustrator born in Marseille. He produces singular and meaningful illustrations with a strong graphic identity, achieved in a minimalistic manner. Driven by the belief that visual arts can play the role of a universal language, he explores the primitive, nearly mystical, facets of human expression. Using graphic plays and visual metaphors, his thought-provoking illustrations appeal to our most profound inner feelings.

Publications and awards

Adobe Create, Creative Boom, Errratum, Etapes, Grafik, Inkygoodness, Katalog, People of Print, Pressing Matters, Slanted Publishers, Support Magazine, Wrap Magazine...


Magnum, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Die Zeit, Slowdown Studio, Mucem, L’Obs, Le 1, Les Echos, Le Particulier, Bayard, Maison Godillot, Arrels Barcelona, Topologie, Olow, Noema Magazine, Spectrum…

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